Language is at the core of thinking. We reflect, communicate and develop our ideas through language. Literacy offers an essential passport to learning, helping children and young people to achieve to the full and be ready for active involvement in society and work. Literature opens up new horizons, and a love of reading can be an important starting point for lifelong learning. Up to date reading materials give the pupils opportunities to develop reading and language skills at a pace suitable to each individual child. A book club and an annual book fayre are also available to encourage children to read and enjoy books. Four years ago our school was a pilot for ‘Talking Round Corners’. Talking and listening strategies are now highly developed across all stages in the school and are used in every curricular area. The teaching of writing takes place within the area of language but also in many other curricular areas.

The teaching of a primary modern language takes place in primaries 6 and 7.

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