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Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband LaunchDigital Scotland Superfast Broadband LaunchBlogging live at SLFPresenter badges!Presenting at SLFPresenting at SLFMrs Hunter and P7 ready to present at SLFTeaching Mrs Binks how to code!Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband LaunchDigital Scotland Superfast Broadband Launchdigital learning

At Whinhill we promote the use of digital technologies and develop a level of digital skills that will be essential in today’s increasingly digitised world. Digital technology enhances teaching and learning and engages our pupils, helping make links between learning in the classroom and work at home. At Whinhill pupils have access to a range of online education content, are trained in cybersafety and take part in National Digital Learning Week every year.


We learn how important it is to stay safe online. We teach our pupils how to keep their personal information private and never give out any details over the internet. We regularly discuss how to stay cyber safe and how to protect themselves from danger. Workshops are delivered to Primary 6 and 7 classes.


Our pupils are explosed to a wide range of coding experiences including using programmes such as Scratch, Hour of Code and Blockly. Coding helps children to be articulate and think logically. It encourages them to think about how things are constructed, create sequences and use computational thinking combining maths and logic. We run a weekly after school Coding Club at Whinhill.

Digital Events

Whinhill were part of the launch of Digital Superfast Broad band in our local area. The Digital Scotland team visited the school and involved some of the pupils in helping launch the latest fibre broadband. It was great opportunity for pupils to see the amount of hard engineering work that’s involved in connecting up communities to fibre broadband. As well as this, it also showed them how beneficial it would be when it comes to their school work and various other aspects of their home life.

Adam in P7 said: “Usually I use the internet for social media to interact with my friends. Also, I'm a big gamer so it's really important to have a strong, quick connection so that the games will run smoothly and my messages will send. During a team game, a fast connection is important so you can keep pace with your friends who are gaming on the internet with you.”

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Glow Blogs

For many classes, blogging is part of a weekly routine and invaluable to our pupil’s learning. Blogging has also had significant impact on pupil’s ability to think reflectively about their learning and skills they are developing when writing their posts. When writing a blog post, pupils develop their thinking by questioning what, how and why they are learning and document how they overcome any learning challenges they faced and identify their next steps. This was largely facilitated by creating a blogging guide by pupils (or what one of our pupils named a ‘Blogopedia’!). We recently presented at the Scottish Learning Festival on the use of Glow Blogs in our learning. We have lots of blogs at Whinhill, check out some of the links on the right!  

Digital Leaders
To help organise blogging and ICT activities in general, pupils apply to be part of a Digital Leaders team. They assist pupils when blogging, helping them to add media or links to their posts, proof read their work to help with sentence structure and ensure pupils are being cyber safe. This team have been instrumental in helping bring digital technologies to the forefront of learning and embed blogging within classes. We plan to develop our work on Digital Leaders further, giving support to staff, parents and pupils across the school! 


In Primary 7, pupils create an e-portfolio (an online learning log). Our e-portfolios are accessed on a regular basis where pupils update their blog with their latest and best achievements. This has had significant impact on the digital literacy of our pupils.

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