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Whinhill Primary is a ‘FairAchiever’ school!

Our school is dedicated and committed to supporting Fairtrade.

Our Fairtrade group are responsible for educating the school about Fairtrade and where the products come from. Pupils run a Fairtrade tuck-shop every Friday during break filled with delicious Fairtrade snacks and healthy fruit. We ask the Fairtrade members from P1-7 to help us run the tuck-shop every Friday.

As well as this we also host a Fairtrade café once a term after our class assemblies. You have a Fairtrade coffee or tea and a Fairtrade product. We look forward to continuing our work with Fairtrade and helping change lives of others with our choices.

Promoting Fairtrade helps the fight against forced child labour supporting children’s rights (Article 32 You should be protected from dangerous work).

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