Gaelic Medium

GP1-3Gaelic medium education is a form of education in Scotland that allows pupils to be taught primarily through the medium of Scottish Gaelic, with English taught as the secondary language.

Within the establishment of Whinhill Primary School and Nursery Class is the Gaelic Medium for Inverclyde. Gaelic medium education is mainly provided by Gaelic medium classes within English-speaking schools. There is the Gaelic nursery for children age 3½ years to 5½ years and the unit for children age 4 ½ years to12½ years.

GP4-7Learning Gaelic as an additional language contributes to learners’ wider education and life experiences. Language lies at the centre of our thinking and learning. The interconnected nature of language learning lies at the heart of the Gaelic experiences and outcomes in Curriculum for Excellence.

“When they begin to learn another language, children and young people need to make connections with the skills and knowledge they have already developed in their own language. To help this, teachers can make use of the diversity of languages which children and young people may bring to school.”
Building the Curriculum 1

GP1-7Gaelic -medium education, like all education provision in Scotland, is determined by demand for the service balanced with the educational and economic viability of each educational unit.

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