Global Citizenship

Our Global Citizens Team

Our Global Citizens TeamOur Global Citizens Team

Global Citizenship at Whinhill Primary

We recently worked with the Scotland Malawi Partnership to partner with a school in Malawi called Litchenza Primary. The aim of this partnership is to compare similarities and differences in cultures and develop our ideas of diversity and respect for others around the world. A Global Citizens Committee has been created consisting of P7 representatives from a range of our current committees: 

  • Fairtrade
  • Rights Respecting School
  • Eco
  • Health Squad
  • Pupil Council
  • Literacy
  • JRSO
  • Charities

When the Global Citizens meet we share updates about the work we are doing within our own committees. This makes sure that all our committees are working towards the same goal of helping us to becoming Global Citizens and make an impact on the world locally, nationally and globally.

To develop our link with our partner school and learn more about them, a parcel was recently sent to Litchenza PS from our pupils in Whinhill. Each class organised something to send with information about what life is like living in Scotland with items ranging from letters, postcards and photo collages to bunting and artwork. John McIndoe from Inverclyde’s SMP visited Malawi in March to deliver our parcel. We were delighted when he returned with something for us from Litchenza! We received letters, artwork, photographs and a beautiful handmade crochet shawl.

Some Whinhill staff have a WhatsApp group to communicate with teachers from Litchenza Primary where we regularly share photographs and information about daily school life.

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