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nursery pupilsWhinhill Primary Nursery Class offers pre-school education through both English and Gaelic medium.

Gaelic Medium
Whinhill is the only provider of Gaelic Medium education in Inverclyde. Therefore, your child may attend the nursery and then go into P1 Gaelic regardless of which catchment area you live in. It is not necessary for parents to be Gaelic speakers for their child to go into a Gaelic medium nursery. If you wish to discuss Gaelic medium please telephone the school and make an appointment with the Head Teacher.

nursery 1Curriculum in the Nursery                                                                                                                

nursery 2The nursery class follows the early level of Curriculum for Excellence in English or Gaelic. The eight key aspects of the curriculum are literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing, technologies, social subjects, expressive arts, religious and moral education and sciences.

Assessment and Reporting in the Nursery
Every child has a pupil profile which is a comprehensive record of their progress during their time in nursery. These are discussed with parents regularly and information recorded is as a result of observations made by staff. Parents and children have access to these records which are sent home at the end of the child’s pre-school experience. A record of achievement is compiled when the child completes his/her pre-school education. The information is then passed on to the school which the child will be transferring to.

nursery 3
Home Links
Our nursery has an open door policy and parents are encouraged to speak with staff to discuss any concerns. Newsletters are regularly sent home from both English and Gaelic medium detailing nursery events and activities.

The key to effective transition is effective communication between the early years establishment, school and parents. The transition process is on-going with strong links between our own nursery and P1 and with other nurseries in our community.

nursery 5
Transfer to Primary School

Children are normally transferred between the ages of 4½ and 5½ years, although this may be negotiated in exceptional circumstances.

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