Our Vision and Values

school valuesOur Vision: We aspire to be a centre of excellence where all our children become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors through achieving personal success, developing a love of learning and respect for our core school and nursery values.

Our School Values






Our Aims:
- To create a nurturing school environment where every child feels safe, secure and protected from harm and where they will thrive socially, emotionally and physically.
- To ensure that every child feels included, accepted and valued within the community in which they live and learn.
- To ensure children achieve their fullest potential through participating in motivating, inspiring and creative experiences which develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes.
- To create an environment where children feel confident that their opinions, concerns and goals are listened to, and provide opportunities to take an active role in contributing to the school and nursery community.
- To encourage children to feel healthy and happy through access to appropriate resources which encourage, develop, support and sustain a healthy lifestyle, and to participate in a wide range of play, sporting and recreational activities.
- To foster high quality leadership at all levels through valuing and empowering all members of the school and nursery community.

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