Outdoor Learning

Using natural materials to help with our multiplication

Using natural materials to help with our multiplicationOutdoor Learning at Whinhil Primary

Outdoor Learning

At Whinhill, we believe strongly in Outdoor Learning as an approach to teaching and learning which supports the above statement. Outdoor Learning is used across every class in our school as a tool to enhance and enrich the experiences of our children. These experiences are carefully designed to challenge and support learning in a variety of curricular areas and contexts.

Our Outdoor Learning Aims:

  •  To provide real-world contexts for all learning.
  •  To encourage knowledge, wonder of and concern for the natural environment.
  •  To offer opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement.
  •  To encourage positive attitudes, beliefs and self-efficacy for our children.
  •  To develop out children’s independence, self-sufficiency, confidence and risk taking abilities.
  •  To compliment indoor learning through the use of Outdoor Learning.

Learning experiences our pupils are involved in:

  •  Activities within the school grounds
  •  Local Area facilities (on foot or using transport)
  •  Day-long experiences e.g. Cornalees, Finlaystone Park
  •  Residential experiences

Greenock Cut

Our school has a strong local connection to the Greenock Cut which is an excellent resource for our pupils to use for Outdoor Learning experiences. We are committed to using the Greenock Cut to enhance the experiences of our children.

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