Find out what we are learning about in P4!

P.E Days: Monday and Thursday

Literacy & English

We are learning about..

  • sentence structure focusing on nouns, verbs and adjectives.
  • up-levelling our vocabulary
  • using word attack strategies to spell new words

We are also reading our class novel The Twits and using this to impact on making our writing come alive!

Numeracy & Maths

We are learning about...

  • Place value to HTU
  • Addition and Subtraction of HTU with and without carrying/exchanging
  • Estimating and rounding
  • 2D shape and 3D objects

Health & Wellbeing

We are learning about...

  • Children's rights - right of the month/class charter
  • using our words to explain our emotions
  • Athletics and Ball games in P.E

Other topics

  • Science - personal hygiene/prevention of spreading germs (link to The Twits)
  • Art & Design - using prepared paper to create collages/observational drawings

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