Promoting Positive Behaviour

Peer mediation

Our children are encouraged to be active and discover the world around them. If children are learning and happy, it is our belief that behaviour problems are kept to a minimum. We strive at all times to promote positive behaviour across the school. Certain standards of behaviour are necessary for a pleasant and safe environment in which our children may be educated and prepared for their future lives. We, therefore, expect our children to conform to the standards of behaviour that are necessary to promote this pleasant and safe environment.

In encouraging our children to show respect for others, and to respect the rights of others, we feel that we are laying the very basis of these standards of behaviour. To this end, school charters are made in the interest of and for the well-being and safety of your children and other children. Please encourage your child to follow our playground, lunchtime and class charters.

Our school advocates ‘restorative approaches’ to deal with behaviour where children are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and support one another in moving forward with respect and friendship. We aim to seek solutions to behaviour difficulties which arise. Our school follows Inverclyde’s Positive Relationship Policy.


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