Our Staff

Meet the staff of Whinhill Primary 2018-19

Management Team

Head Teacher - Mrs Elizabeth Ruddy

Depute Head Teacher - Mrs Una Nicolson

Principal Teacher -  Mrs Andrea Hunter (Maternity Leave)

Acting Principal Teacher - Mrs Pamela Bradley 

Teaching Staff

P1  -  Mr J. Rodgers

P2/1 - Mrs C. Dougan

P2  -  Mrs A. Smith

P3 - Miss J. Estlick/Mr A. Osborne

P4/3 - Miss C. Shaw

P4 - Miss S. Reford

P5 - Miss I. Dickson

P6/5 - Miss C. Stewart/Mrs P. Bradley

P6 - Mrs J. Duff/Miss P. Kinnon

P7 - Mrs C. Homer

Gaelic P1-3 - Mrs H. Smith/Mrs C. MacIsaac

Gaelic P4-7 - Mr A. MacPhee

Gaelic P1-7 Support - Mrs K. Bannerman/Mrs C. MacIsaac

Gaelic 1+2 - Mrs K. Bannerman

NCCT - Mrs P. Bradley/Mrs N. Reid/Mr A. Osborne

Support for Learning - Mrs S. McGhee

SALU - Mrs D. Derrick

Nurture - Mrs J. Grieve

Maternity Leave

Mrs A. Hunter

Mrs J. Cooke

Mrs J. Valerio

Family Support Worker - Mr David Ferrier

Our Office Staff

Mrs A. McCafferty

Mrs E. McIntosh

Mrs J. McElwee

Our Support Staff

A.S.N. Auxiliaries

Mrs A. McDonald

Mrs S. McArthur 

Mrs P. McWhinnie

Mrs J. McLean

Mrs A. Robertson

Mrs G. Brown

Mrs R. McCracken

Learning Assistants

Mrs J. Gillespie 

Mrs D. Boyd

Classroom Assistants

Mrs L. McGlynn

EYECO (school) Mrs A. Thomson   

Our Nursery Staff

EYECO (nursery) Mrs F. Brogan (senior)

Mrs C. Piggott

Miss J. Blair

Mrs Mullan

Mrs F. McArthur (Gaelic)

Mrs M. Watt (Gaelic)

Support Staff

Mrs S. O’Donnell

Miss S. Sinnamon (Gaelic)    


Janitor - Mr R. Swankie

Dining  Hall  Supervisor - Ms H. Sloane/Mrs J. McElwee

Health and Wellbeing Coach - Mr R. Boreland

Our Music Staff

Mr Stuart Tait (Peripatetic) -   Brass tuition

Mrs Karen Downie (Peripatetic) - Violin

Mrs Gemma McLean -  Singing

Mr Andrew MacPherson -  Chanter    

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